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Home business opportunity with Smart Cards.

You receive everything needed to get started and succeed in this booming industry with Smart Cards, login access to our cloud based design platform, training, and ongoing technical and marketing support. Your Agency has no boundaries you can provide services to customers anywhere in the world.

Reseller Agents only require basic computer skills and an understanding of sales and marketing to be successful, our creative platform is easy to use with live training provided. We also guarantee ongoing technical and sales support for all resellers during normal business hours, plus we have an online group team portal for Q and A where all resellers can help each other posting questions 24/7, this is easily the best small business opportunity available today, all you need is the desire to succeed!


Every business has to be mobile ready in today's market! 80% are not and need help! which opens the door to you with a massive business opportunity to capitalise on in your local market, plus national and international markets if you wish.

The days of designer paper business cards are numbered! smartphone sales around the world have exceeded the expectations of all experts, consumers no longer look up yellow pages or rolodexes to source information and contact details... their first instinct is to reach for their Smartphones and go to an app or search on Google for instant results to take action!


Profit and Pricing

You have 100% control of pricing, charge whatever you like for any type of App created, the only pricing we make public is for a Smart Business Card $199 plus $19mth as a price leader, which will take you less than one hour to create!
We teach you how easy it is! if you can copy and paste? you will be an expert in no time!

(Now that's a pretty good hourly rate in anybody's language)

Your customers pay all money direct to you and you keep it all...

In a nutshell!

1. Sell at your own price and keep 100% of the sale price upfront.

2. Charge your own monthly fees paid directly to you.

3. You invoice your own customers.



Financials & Costings

Here is the exciting news! our resellers can sell as many Smart Business Cards or apps as they wish, grow your business at your own pace!

The bottom Line!

1. Monthly reseller business account fee $199 to create unlimited apps.

2. 20 apps are included in your account ready for you to start..
*You buy additional apps into stock as required after initial stock is sold.
So your monthly fixed overheads are only $199mth...

Do the numbers?

Sell/create an average of only 20 apps or smart business cards in your first month for just the standard price of $199 and your income is $3980 + monthly hosting fees at $19 = $380

Total Income for Month: $4360

Total cost of sales: $199

Net Profit for month = $4161.00

And of course your residual monthly hosting income doubles each month! 


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We Are Here to Help You:
Ongoing Sales & Tech Support with live training..

We're here to help you succeed because your success is our success! For this reason we have a dedicated support team ready to answer your questions by phone and email or in our online group whether it’s for sales advice or technical assistance. We are all here to guide you.

Are you ready to start your own business in this exciting and rewarding industry that you can grow at your own pace working from home in the hours that suit you with all the support you will ever need to help you succeed?


If so, click Apply Now image to proceed to submit your application to be considered in your location.


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