So what is a Smart Business Card App?

It works just like any other App on your phone, iPad or tablet: tap on your icon and it will open to give customers a one touch link directly to you by phone, text or email. 

Our team will custom design an App and icon using your logo and branding so it works seamlessly with your current advertising


Instant Sharing Puts Your Business Right Where It Can Always Be Seen 

The main difference with a Smart Business Card App and the other apps you have on your phone, is that it can be shared instantly by text, or post on Facebook, a tweet or by email.

You don't have to get it listed on an App store and people don't have to find it to download it. All you have to do is post, tweet, text, scan or email your App for your logo and business details will appear on your customer's phone.


FREE Viral Advertising For Your Business

And the real magic happens when your customer recommends you and posts or texts or tweets your Smart Business Card App to their friends, family and associates, personally recommending your business over and over again until your business is being promoted for FREE through Social Media to people you could not reach in your wildest dreams!


How Do I Get My Own Business Card App?

We'll create your custom designed Business Card App from just $199 plus a small hosting fee, (your App needs to be hosted on servers just like a website)  and best of all, there are no contracts, you can cancel anytime you wish, we are confident the results will speak for themselves.


You'll be provided with your own login so you can update, edit, delete or add content anytime, 24/7 for free. No need to pay a tech person, no need to reprint brochures or business cards because you've updated your branding, or moved offices. Changing the content is as easy as point and click—we'll build it so you can do to it yourself anytime.


Business Card App design styles to suit every type of business

Scan to add  a Smart Business Card to your mobile phone and take a test drive!
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                      easily shared by: text - email - QR-Code - social media - facebook - twitter


Real Estate Industry Apps are now available worldwide

Property Presentation Apps - Realty Business Card Apps

Completed ready to use within 72hrs





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        What Do I Get With My Smart Business Card App?

  • Custom Design of App and Icon Using Your Logo And Branding
  • FREE Marketing Of Your Card on Social Media

  • Creation of Your Very Own QR Code

  • Card App That Give Your Customers Instant One Touch Links To:  

  • Call Your Office Or Mobile

  • Text You

  • Email You

  • Access Your Website

  • See Your Address And Map Details

  • Share Your Card: By QR Code, Text, Email and Facebook

  • Unique login giving you complete control over your App - you can update or change your content anytime, 24/7 without having to pay a technical guru to do it for you (Don't worry, we are happy to offer support if you prefer!)

  • Generate Huge Brand Awareness and Loads Of New Customers For FREE...








Gain greater brand awareness than major corporations...Absolutely Free!


Make is easy for your customers to connect with your business and forget the competition


Have your logo display on the home screen of your customers phone making it easy for them to do business with you with one tap!